Merger Brinkman Trans Holland and Hartman Expeditie

As of the first of January 2020 Brinkman Trans Holland will formally join forces with Hartman Expeditie. Brinkman Trans Holland and Hartman Expeditie are companies that complement each other and by merging the planning departments the efficiency levels will be raised.

Hartman Expeditie is in particular strong in transport of conditioned groupage to Denmark whilst the focus of Brinkman Trans Holland is mainly to Sweden. Norway too is serviced by both companies. According to Michaël Brinkman the expansion of scale is important to be able to keep on servicing the customers in a sound manner. By merging he sees a nice and succesful future for both companies

Both owners, Michael Brinkman and Ronald Hartman have known each other for years and the logistics activities are seamlessly aligned. The companies will officially start working as of 1 January from the Hartman location in Poeldijk and from the new location in Nieuw Amsterdam. The planning department of both companies are already relocated to the new location. Brinkman: “We especially see advantages in collecting shipments in the Netherlands to our locations, the so called towing. In our locations the shipments are merged to efficient trips to Scandinavia. Also in the area of return freight merging is intensified”.

The two brands – Brinkman Trans Holland and Hartman Expeditie remain unchanged, but in the light of this cooperation a new company has been established from which Brinkman Trans Holland will let all its activities take place.

The Hartman Expeditie fleet comprises of 43 trucks and 100 trailer units. Brinkman Trans Holland have 32 trucks and 95 trailer units.