Brinkman Trans Holland invests in new equipment with the latest technology. The cooling units in our young fleet are equipped with a temperature registrationsystem for monitoring and management of critical temperatures en route. The communication is via GPRS and GPS and accessible via a secured website. This enables us to follow our vehicles “real time” and important amounts of valuable data become clear with one glance of the eye:

–  Exact location and speed of the vehicle.
–  Discharge-, return air and set temperature.
–  Statusmessage; on/off, start/stop/continue, diesel/electric, hourrecords and batterypower.
–  Alarmmessages and direct signalling via SMS and/or email.

On top of this the system offers the possibility to generate various “real time” reports:
–  Position vehicle and Geo-Fence.
–  Temperature datalogger and alarmcourse.



Location of vehicle 24 hours cooling history
Set temp of cool unit Geofence activity and reporting
Alarmcodes and signaling via email Reporting alarms
Status cool unit Temperature chart