To control and manage our fleet we have advanced software systems like Transics and Tracking. With the information obtained from those systems we have all our vehicle movements available. At any time our planning department have access to real time information regarding the truck, the trailer (and internal temperature), the driver, the cargo, and road traffic information.

For the exact determination of the position and submission of data between truck and our warehouse we use GPS and GPRS. In other words; unlimited data exchange and real time status updates about the location of our trucks, set temp of the trailer, drivers hours, fuel consumption, etc.. With this information we can give our customers additional services:

–          tracking of your shipment during transport up until delivery to your customer,

–          reliable and accurate information about the status of your shipment,

–          notify you immediately in case of calamities and/or delays,

–          continuous monitoring of the temperature of your shipment in case of perishable cargo.


Location of vehicle 24 hours cooling history
Set temp of cool unit Geofence activity and reporting
Alarmcodes and signaling via email Reporting alarms
Status cool unit Temperature chart